Creative Thinking Essentials


Why take this cred?

Co-designed with top-tier digital agency Isobar, this module will develop your creative confidence and teach you how to use creative thinking to solve real-world problems. Using a variety of creative thinking tools and techniques, we'll show you how to create innovative solutions to unlock complex problems. The credential is informed by current industry practices.


  1. Evaluate and select key creative thinking techniques
  2. Recognise the role of critical thinking in developing innovative problem solving skills
  3. Apply selected creative thinking techniques to a problem


Module 1: Introduction to creative thinking

Module 2: What is your creative confidence

Module 3: Choose your problem

Module 5: Creative thinking through sketching

Module 6: Creative thinking through diversity

Module 7: Creative thinking through sequencing

How do I get this cred?

Successful completion of this credential will require you to demonstrate the development of creative ideas and solutions to real world problems, using techniques such as; Sketching, Diversity and Sequencing.

A score of 18/20 is required to pass this credential.

What are people saying

  • "In my opinion it's a good initiative that will help students like me to think creatively."
  • "OMG! It was amazing!"
  • "I really enjoyed this exercise. When I read the initial problem, I came up with one idea that I really liked, but being forced to spend some time thinking, I came up with more ideas, some of which I like better!"

When can I do it?