Become a Data Analyst

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This program is for those with some knowledge of Python (specifically Numpy and Pandas) who want to take the next step into Data Analysis. It’s been built by some of Australia’s leading analyst and Big Data Experts. 

Skills and learning outcomes

Gather, assess and clean data, Python programming, SQL, inferential statistics, A/B testing, wrangling data, data visualisation, communicating data findings.


After completing an RMIT Future Skills course, you will earn an RMIT certificate and credential which can be validated, recognised and shared on social media platforms.


You’ll learn how to use Python, SQL and statistics to break down data insights, create number-driven solutions, and then weave those findings into a compelling story (the kind that gets stakeholder buy-in).

When can I do it ?

    Apologies, there are no available sessions to enrol into right now.


Python programming, including common data analysis libraries (e.g., Numpy and Pandas), SQL Programming