Become a Data Scientist

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This course offers an ideal path for experienced programmers and data analysts to advance their data science careers. You’ll get hands-on experience running data pipelines, designing experiments, building recommendation systems, and more. You’ll have personalised support as you master in-demand skills that qualify you for high-value jobs in the data science field.


After completing an RMIT Future Skills course, you will earn an RMIT certificate which can be validated, recognised and shared on social media platforms.


You’ll master the skills necessary to become a successful Data Scientist. You’ll work on projects designed by industry experts, and learn to run data pipelines, design experiments, build recommendation systems, and deploy solutions to the cloud. By the end of the course, you’ll have an impressive portfolio of real-world projects, and valuable hands-on experience.

When can I do it ?

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Python, SQL, Probability and Statistics, Machine Learning, Mathematics, Data Wrangling