Agile Ways of Working


Why take this cred?

The new constant is change. In just about every industry, innovation is happening faster than ever before, and companies are embracing a new kind of approach to teamwork: the Agile methodology.

Agile has swiftly become an indispensable tool for business teamwork - and understanding its focus on iterative development, face-to-face communication and adapting quickly to change immediately puts you on the front foot when it comes to finding employment.

Developed in partnership with Isobar, this credential gives you a comprehensive introduction to the concepts of the Agile methodology, equipping you with the knowledge you need to promote innovation and work effectively in the contemporary team environment.


  1. Recognise agile values and principles
  2. Understand the attributes of an effective agile team
  3. Identify agile tools and processes in a team context


Module 1: What is Agile?

Module 2: Agile Teams

Module 3: Agile Ways of working

How do I get this cred?

Assessment and Activities include:

  1. Interactive online activities
  2. Final assessment quiz

When can I do it?