Career Planning with Credentials (Getting Started)


Why take this cred?

These days employers are looking for more from graduates than just the right qualifications. They want well-rounded people who can communicate effectively, take the initiative, show innovative and creative thinking, and solve problems efficiently.

Of course, it's a rare person who starts out with all these skills - which is why RMIT has developed a comprehensive suite of credentials designed to help you develop the specific areas you might be falling short in.

This credential helps you identify areas you need to develop, and to create a course plan of credentials to undertake, laying down a solid foundation of skills that will steer you through your entire career.


  1. Plan, organise and manage your work, goals and time
  2. Be a self-directed learner and develop relevant skills and knowledge
  3. Extend and expand your professional networks
  4. Work effectively independently


Module 1: What matters to you?

Module 2: 21st century skills

Module 3: Planning your journey

How do I get this cred?

Interactive online activities

Career Plan

When can I do it?