Presenting Using Story


Why take this cred?

Take control of your presentations by developing skills to present them effectively. Learn to plan faster, shape content to your audience, improve your delivery skills and build confidence in yourself. Whether you are pitching for a job, an approval or an investment, these skills can take a presentation from good to sensational.


  1. Plan presentations efficiently and effectively by understanding the audience and clearly articulating desired outcomes
  2. Apply a storytelling approach to structure content to meet objectives
  3. Employ physical and vocal delivery skills to engage your audience
  4. Develop strategies to manage pre-presentation nerves


Module 1: Preparation and Planning

Module 2: Crafting a Presentation

Module 3: Delivery skills

How do I get this cred?

For your final assessment, you will submit both a structure template and a presentation in video form. This will be Peer Reviewed. You will also be required to complete at least one Peer Review.

When can I do it?