Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

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Master CRM marketing and practically apply your skills in a marketing demo environment. Gain the required expertise to excel in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud exam.  


The cutting-edge skills you’ll learn are rigorously assessed and recognised by both a leading university and key employers in the field of study through a digital credential.


  • Identify the role of CRM marketing in the 21st century and outline critical success factors 
  • Synthesise elements of the modern marketing mix  
  • Design a strategic campaign in alignment with business objectives 
  • Apply Salesforce Marketing Cloud to an email marketing campaign 
  • Develop a marketing campaign implementation plan 
  • Communicate your plan to a diverse range of stakeholders and business contexts 
  • Critically reflect on organisational responsibilities of customer privacy and ethical uses of data 

How does it work ?

By the end of the course you’ll: 

  • Complete an email marketing campaign including establishing goals, the target audience, and intended outcomes 
  • Create a series of three emails to execute including A/B tests and measure results 
  • Be prepped to take the  Salesforce Marketing Cloud accreditation exam. 

When can I do it ?