Cloud Solutions Architect

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According to the 2018 IT Skills and Salary Report by Global Knowledge, certified IT professionals such as those certified in Amazon Web Services (AWS), earn on average 9% more than their non-certified counterparts. In today’s digital age, the ability to combine technical cloud capabilities within a human-centred business lens is vital for any IT professional looking to start or maintain a successful career within the industry.

Our Cloud Solutions Architect course is designed for:

• Experienced cloud computing professionals with architecture experience looking to certify their knowledge, progress their career, and achieve salary growth.

• Junior-mid cloud computing professionals looking to fast-track their career towards becoming a certified solutions architect.

• Mid-level technicians, consultants, and professionals looking to develop their cloud knowledge, particularly in AWS to support their business.


The cutting edge skills you'll learn are rigorously assessed and recognised by both a leading university and key employers in the field of study through a digital credential.


  • Identify benefits, opportunities, and implications of solutions architecture and the future of cloud adoption.
  • Apply expert-level knowledge to design an effective, highly available AWS environment for different business models.
  • Adopt the Infrastructure as Code practice on AWS by creating templates, automating processes, and leveraging appropriate technologies.
  • Optimise the core concepts of the AWS Well-Architected Framework and its Five Pillars to design and improve cloud architecture.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve common errors on the AWS platform, plus utilise the correct AWS Support options.
  • Synthesise critical technical and communication skills, now and in the future of a Solutions Architect.
  • Adopt appropriate software development methodologies to improve productivity and efficiency in solutions architecture.

How does it work ?

Take a deep dive into AWS and utilise various tools to design and prepare optimised cloud environments. Accelerate your career towards becoming a certified solutions architect with our exclusive labs and prepare yourself for the AWS Cloud Solutions Architect Associate exam.

When can I do it ?

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