Risk Management in the Public Sector - C-BUS101



Throughout our lives we are constantly managing risks. Whether we are driving a car, planning a trip or updating our insurance policy, we are assessing and reacting unconsciously to these everyday activities. But, when it comes to business administration, assessing risks is a crucial and very conscious practice. At work, we may describe risk management as the framework that defines how an organisation handles both operational and financial risks. 

During this course you will gain foundational knowledge of risk management concepts and processes. From setting objectives, identifying risks, risk assessment, defining responses and monitoring, you will be armed with a set of references and tools that you can rely on to make decisions about how to best manage risk. 

Skills and learning outcomes

Learning Outcome 1   - Be equipped with a strong fundamental understanding of the importance of data, how it improves decision making and removes ambiguity 

Learning Outcome 2  -  Be able to define a business question and solve it using data.  

Learning Outcome 3  - Define what data is, how to transport it, import it, and clean it  

When can I do it ?

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