Deloitte Client Academy Credentialing - Senior Consultant



Candidates will earn a micro-credential with RMIT Online by working through the Deloitte Client Academy Senior Consultant program.

This experience will assist Candidates to demonstrate the power of empathy as a key interpersonal skill in working with Clients, to showcase their capacity to collaborate with their team and to apply critical thinking skills and curiosity to help solve clients' most pressing problems.

It will allow candidates to demonstrate their skills in presenting ideas to clients with impact and then to develop further business through deep engagement and by differentiating themselves and their solutions.

Skills and learning outcomes

(1)Exhibit empathetic communication skills with individuals and in groups in practical professional contexts

(2)Persuade and work alongside team members to address collective goals

(3)Plan the use of growth mindset problem-solving techniques and/or design thinking methodology to generate options and solutions for business problems

(4)Demonstrate effective and impactful voice, body language, and audio-visual skills in team and client presentations

(5)Demonstrate ownership of elements of a proposal or pitch document for a pursuits process to contribute to a new or existing client relationship

When can I do it ?

    Apologies, there are no available sessions to enrol into right now.