Digital Literacy in the Public Sector - C-DLT205



Skilled staff is crucial to delivering effective digital services. But technology is always advancing — and so are the capabilities needed to transform services. To keep up with changing user expectations, the Victorian Public Sector Commission has developed the Digital Victoria Digital Capability Functional Framework This initiative is to address the digital gap, bridge the digital divide and to improve digital literacy across the public sector workforce.  This course has been designed to ensure staff have access to the tools and resources they need to deliver better digital services. 

Skills and learning outcomes

Learning Outcome 1 - Explain the impact of the digital age on government 

Learning Outcome 2 - Demonstrate an understanding of the five foundational areas of digital literacy and the skills, tools and ways of working that are critical going forward for how we become a digital-ready public sector 

Learning Outcome 3 - Demonstrate an understanding of how important it is for digital to be fully embedded in how we as government serve the Victorian community so that everyone can benefit from, and be empowered by, secure and inclusive digital services 

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