Procurement Foundations - C-BUS203



Designed to consolidate and enhance your knowledge and understanding of the key competencies required for the Victoria public sector procurement cycle and framework. This online procurement course will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to assist with procurement for a project. It will teach you how to navigate the process of procuring goods, services, and construction while delivering value for money outcomes – such as social and environmental benefits.

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Propose a procurement strategy and approach that best meets the needs of service provision requirements and the structure of the market for potential suppliers.
  • Discuss how procurement can be used to solve problems and achieve value for money for Victorian government services provision
  • Assess risks and evaluate ethical considerations within the procurement process.
  • Formulate roles and explain suitable tools for inviting and engaging suppliers at each stage of the procurement cycle.
  • Evaluate how contracts and value propositions for delivering goods and services can be negotiated and managed during procurement.

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