Building Resilience (RMIT Online)



People are often faced with significant levels of ongoing stress during their working careers. Subsequently, there has been increasing concern related to employees and the associated impacts of mental health distress. How individuals respond to these challenges, stressors and risk factors will determine the value and success of their work experiences.

The Building Resilience credential focuses on helping to build your knowledge of how to deal with difficult environments people and situations and how to ensure your personal well-being.

The credential will also help build your resilience and adaptability skills by becoming more confident dealing with challenges and dealing with changes and adversity when achieving your personal and professional aspirations.

Skills and learning outcomes

(1)Identify strategies to deal with failure

(2)Identify strategies for learning from mistakes

(3)Recognise ways to seek constructive feedback

(4)Create strategies for dealing with challenges

(5)Create strategies for dealing with change

(6)Identify strategies for dealing with change

(7)Identify strategies for ensuring work life balance

When can I do it ?