Implementing Digital Marketing Campaigns - DJFM

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Designed to complement our popular Digital Marketing Strategy course, this course offers a deep dive into clever digital marketing tactics. We’ll have you up and running fast. In just 6 weeks, you’ll be using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, email, and website optimisation.

This course is best suited for:

  • Mid-senior managers looking to understand how digital marketing strategies can drive business excellence​
  • Junior marketing professionals working on the client-side​
  • An entrepreneur with a startup or side hustle needing the tools and knowledge to launch their product problems​


The cutting edge skills you learn will be rigorously assessed and recognised by both a leading university and key employers in the field.


  • Implement effective digital marketing campaigns that achieve business objectives
  • Write effective campaign briefs and digital media plans
  • Craft compelling digital creative that cuts through your audience and channels
  • Buy digital media cost-effectively
  • Create and run Google Ads and Facebook ads campaigns
  • Connect with an audience through an effective social media approach
  • Construct compelling email campaigns
  • Make data-driven decisions based on insights from campaign performance
  • Understand innovative digital marketing trends and industry news in Australia

How does it work ?

Learn the skills and best practices to implement,

track and optimise multi-channel digital marketing campaigns. You’ll develop a ‘campaign ecosystem matrix’ and present the rationale for your tactical decisions on video. Your industry mentor will give you feedback on the efficacy of your campaign.

When can I do it ?

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