Advancing Reconciliation - C-DIV101



Designed to foster knowledge around the history of colonial dispossession and the importance of recognising our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sovereignty. This online course makes complex information digestible and explains how colonial dynamics shaped Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous relations. It is aimed to create an environment where all can understand their place in a shared journey of reconciliation.

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Identify different ways that colonial dynamics have shaped, and continue to shape Aboriginal and non-Indigenous relations
  • Recognise the difference between shallow and substantive reconciliation
  • Describe the importance of recognising Aboriginal sovereignty
  • Describe the importance of thinking critically about how this knowledge relates to self
  • Reflect on why Aboriginal sovereignty unsettles some non-Indigenous Australians
  • Summarise what it means to ground the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous in sovereignty

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