Business Analytics with SQL and Python - DJFM

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With the opportunity to work on your own data set, or with a data set provided, now’s the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and get hands on with SQL and Python. Develop the critical data wrangling, exploring, analysing, and communication of data skills that will make you highly desirable in the industry.

This course is designed for mid-level professionals looking to develop a strong skillset in business analytics and improve their employability. This courses are also ideal for career changers looking to gain practical skills and kickstart a new career in data and analytics.


After completing an RMIT Future Skills course, you will earn an RMIT credential which can be validated, recognised and shared on social media platforms.


  • Learn data analysis and the wrangling, exploring, analysing, and communicating data​
  • Basic SQL​
  • SQL joins ​
  • SQL aggregations​
  • Get familiarised with Python​
  • Work with data in Python using libraries such as NumPy and Pandas​
  • Visualise data with Python/Matplotlib​

How does it work ?

As part of this course, you will complete one final project; a slide deck presentation where you’ll build and apply a simple data analytics model to a business problem and demonstrate the following learning outcomes:

  • Utilise SQL and Python to drive powerful analysis and predictions for your team or business
  • Assess and implement data modelling, forecasting, and classification using introductory SQL and Python functions
  • Build and apply a simple data analytics model to solve a defined business problem

When can I do it ?

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