The Capitol

113 Swanston Street, Melbourne

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05 Feb 2020

6:30 pm - 8:10 pm

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Bernardo Bertolucci’s appropriately labyrinthine and mercurial adaptation of Jorge Luis Borges' short story.

The son of a martyred anti-fascist hero travels to a small Italian village searching for the truth behind his father’s death, only to unravel a web of myths, mysteries and lies.

In this intimate, mesmeric film based on the short story Theme of the Traitor and the Hero (1944) by Jorge Luis Borges and exquisitely shot in vibrant shades by Franco Di Giacomo and Vittorio Storaro, Bertolucci’s delicately elusive and deftly non-linear approach grapples with themes of historical legacy, cultural inheritance and the intersection of sex, violence and ideology.

Released within months of The ConformistThe Spider’s Stratagem demonstrates both the full range of Bertolucci’s work and his characteristic preoccupation with the legacies of history, place and identity.

Presented by the Melbourne Cinémathèque and ACMI.

Melbourne Cinémathèque is the largest and longest-running film society in Australia.

Admission to Melbourne Cinémathèque sessions is open to Cinémathèque members only. After a membership is purchased, admission to sessions is free and no additional tickets are required. Memberships are available for three consecutive Wednesdays or for a full year. For further details and to buy a membership head to ACMI here.

1970 | 100 min | Italy

Director: Bernardo Bertolucci

Language: Italian with English subtitles

Rating: PG

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