Agile Delivery + Project Management



This bundle will provide you with the end to end knowledge and skills to successfully plan and deliver projects with Agile. In Digital Delivery with Agile, you'll explore the strategic mindset and principles of Agile. Through Agile Project Management, you'll practically apply your learning through activities that collectively will form one portfolio project at the end of the course. ​


  • Understand the principles of Agile and the agile mindset​
  • The history and inception of Agile​
  • Examine and perform sprint planning and project walls​
  • Prioritisation models​
  • Identify change management and continuous improvement strategies​
  • Perform agile reporting and measurement​
  • Evaluate effective project retros​
  • Undertake an Agile maturity assessment​
  • Implement team engagement strategies

How does it work ?

By the end of both courses, you'll walk away with two practical projects that will demonstrate your learning and allow you to effectively lead Agile enabled teams. 

When can I do it ?

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