Lean Marketing and Branding



Every business, no matter how large or small, needs effective marketing to thrive and expand. But advertising isn’t cheap, and marketers who know how to do more with less – who can make a marketing budget go further and be more effective – are always in demand. 


This course gives you a solid grounding in creating a marketing plan that makes the most out of a limited marketing spend. You’ll learn strategies for effectively identifying and targeting audience segments, and how to use digital marketing techniques to make sure your message is reaching the right people and having the maximum impact.  

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Resourcefulness - Awareness of key marketing terms, low cost solutions and lean marketing channels
  • Creative Problem-solving - Hone and identify your brand identity
  • Tech-literacy - Understand how to put together a digital marketing strategy


Module 1: Brand identity

  • What is brand identity?
  • Identify and understand your customer
    • Consider all perspectives - the 30,000 ft view/birds eye view
    • Deciding on a customer segment
  • Hone your brand identity
    • Understand your culture, impact, tone and secret sauce
  • Craft a purpose/positioning statement (activity)

Module 2: Marketing approaches

  • Traditional and contemporary marketing approaches
    • Marketing and the relationship to sales
    • The marketing funnel - Awareness -> Discovery -> Evaluation
  • How content can be made complimentary by channels
    • Eg. social media, blogging, events, community building, partnerships
  • Resourceful ways of creating content/branding/assets 6
  • Identifying suitable channels for your customer (quiz)

Module 3: Creating a Lean Marketing Campaign

  • Marketing campaigns in action
    • Timing and speed, iterating and testing new customer segments
  • Marketing messaging and tone
  • Examples of marketing campaign plans
    • user journeys
    • marketing funnels
  • Setting metrics to quantify the success of a marketing campaign
    • Marketing metrics vs sales metrics

Module 4: Final Assessment

  • Final assessment: Create a marketing plan

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