Lean Marketing and Branding



Skills and learning outcomes

  • Resourcefulness - Awareness of key marketing terms, low cost solutions and lean marketing channels
  • Creative Problem-solving - Hone and identify your brand identity
  • Tech-literacy - Understand how to put together a digital marketing strategy


Module 1: Brand identity

  • What is brand identity?
  • Identify and understand your customer
    • Consider all perspectives - the 30,000 ft view/birds eye view
    • Deciding on a customer segment
  • Hone your brand identity
    • Understand your culture, impact, tone and secret sauce
  • Craft a purpose/positioning statement (activity)

Module 2: Marketing approaches

  • Traditional and contemporary marketing approaches
    • Marketing and the relationship to sales
    • The marketing funnel - Awareness -> Discovery -> Evaluation
  • How content can be made complimentary by channels
    • Eg. social media, blogging, events, community building, partnerships
  • Resourceful ways of creating content/branding/assets 6
  • Identifying suitable channels for your customer (quiz)

Module 3: Creating a Lean Marketing Campaign

  • Marketing campaigns in action
    • Timing and speed, iterating and testing new customer segments
  • Marketing messaging and tone
  • Examples of marketing campaign plans
    • user journeys
    • marketing funnels
  • Setting metrics to quantify the success of a marketing campaign
    • Marketing metrics vs sales metrics

Module 4: Final Assessment

  • Final assessment: Create a marketing plan

When can I do it ?

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