Succeeding in Your WIL Activity



A work integrated learning experience in Australia provides an exciting opportunity to learn while gaining valuable experience in a professional context. How do you ensure that your WIL experience is a success and that it can help you to pursue future success?  


This credential presents the tools and knowledge that will help you to succeed during your WIL activity in Australia. You will explore communication strategies that can help you succeed before, during and after your WIL experience. You will also learn about owning and communicating your professional identity in Australia and globally. You will be guided through the experience by international students who have completed WIL activities in Australia as well as experts who provide tips on how to succeed in your WIL experience. 

By completing online activities, exploring a range of instructional material and passing an assessment, the earner of this credential showed that they understand how to prepare for a work integrated learning experience in Australia.  

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Career management
  • Professional communication
  • Non- verbal communication
  • verbal communication
  • Relationship building
  • Listening
  • Global awareness


  • Describe communication techniques in a workplace environment in an Australian context.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of different communication techniques and platforms in professional contexts.
  • Examine diverse approaches to communication in an Australian business context.
  • Identify career aspirations and the skills and knowledge required to address personal career goals.

When can I do it ?