IoT Strategy in the Era of 5G

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Over the next few years, the global roll out of 5G networks will demand that organisations tap into this technology to enable the full potential of IoT, allowing adoption at scale and increased growth in the IoT market. The complexity of IoT technology and a lack of organisational readiness often results in an inability to deliver IoT projects successfully. 

This course will equip you with the skills required to make informed strategic decisions about IoT projects. You’ll learn the critical success factors and gain key insights from industry about what is needed to deliver IoT success from a technological, organisational, and Australian regulatory lens.  


  • Acquire, investigate, analyse and synthesise information and concepts relating to critical technical and organisational capabilities of IoT 
  • Understand the foundations of 5G technology and how it will accelerate IoT 
  • Assess the strategic value of IoT use cases for an organisation 
  • Appraise the steps for the development of an IoT strategy and propose an organisational approach  

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