Beyond Level 4 ATC: Independent Learning



Build and maintain ICAO English language proficiency requirements.

This course will help participants go beyond ICAO Level 4 (Operational) and maintain their English language proficiency between tests. 

Beyond Level 4 was specifically designed in accordance with ICAO English language proficiency requirements. It develops high level listening and speaking skills in plain English for use in aviation related contexts, including non-routine radiotelephony communication.

Skills and learning outcomes

There are over 200 online interactive learning activities based on real-life aviation safety scenarios, with engaging use of flight simulations and interactive role-plays to build and practice English language skills. 

With approximately 80 hours of online participation, Beyond Level 4 allows you to study wherever and whenever best suits you.


Beyond Level 4 consists of eight units with a focus on different aviation safety related topics to develop your English language pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interactions.     

Unit 1:  Separation 

Unit 2:  Co-ordination 

Unit 3:  Systems Technology 

Unit 4:  Situational Awareness 

Unit 5: Weather 

Unit 6:  Aircraft Unservicabilities 

Unit 7:  Onboard Incidents 

Unit 8:  Human Factors  

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