Unpacking Learning Abroad




Note: All enrolled students must complete the Cred by 31/07/2024

Learning abroad can be life changing, giving you access to a whole new range of understanding, skills and experience to draw on. But getting the most out of your overseas study means taking the time to reflect on and analyse the experiences you had – along with figuring out how to make the most of it when it comes to pitching yourself to future employers.

This micro-credential helps you unlock the skills and experience you’ve gained from your time abroad and guides you as to how you can best put these new capabilities to use, helping you build your skill set and enhance your employability.

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Evaluate and summarise personal key turning points of global experience
  • Formulate and discuss learnings from challenging global experiences
  • Translate global experiences to fit other work and life experiences
  • Linking acquired capabilities and experiences to employability outcomes


  • Reflecting on your experience
    • Culture shock and reverse culture shock
    • Were your Expectations for Learning Abroad met?
    • Did you meet your goals? ( if you completed Preparing for Learning Abroad)
  • Promoting skills acquired through learning abroad
    • Skills indentification
    • Elevator Pitch
  • Identifying further opportunities/Moving forward
    • Mentoring, volunteering, and career opportunities
    • What next? Developing a growth plan

How does it work ?

By completing online activities and assessments, the earner of this credential demonstrated the ability to reflect on how they developed as a result of their overseas study, and showed they understood how to frame the skills and experience gained from their time abroad in order to appeal to a future employer.

When can I do it ?