Brand U



Understanding the power of social media, online platforms and digital platforms is a highly valued skill for all employees in today's work environment.

As companies work hard to maintain their digital footprint and manage their brand, it is important for employees to similarly understand the impact that a digital footprint can have on any brand including their own.

This credential will enable you to develop a cohesive and compelling online presence that clearly defines your personal brand, including your values, skills and abilities, to future employers and clients.

Skills and learning outcomes

  1. Recognise the importance of personal branding in today's career market.
  2. Reflect, critique and improve a digital footprint
  3. Develop a professional online profile
  4. Establish a professional LinkedIn profile based on best practice guidelines
  5. Identify what you want to be known for within your field
  6. Set realistic professional and reputational goals


Module 1: Personal branding (Social Media/Digital Footprint)

Module 2: Portfolio submission

How does it work ?

Successful completion of this badge incorporates completion of the following four credentials: Strategic U, Online U, Defining U and Promoting U, and includes:

  1. A 200-word summary on personal branding and how it can be used to progress one's career
  2. Digital footprint review, gaps, areas for improvement, and a strategy for improving a digital footprint
  3. Link to LinkedIn Profile, an article that could be shared as part of a professional online profile, and groups joined
  4. Written summaries of: ideal job and career goals; talents, skills and attributes that relate to ideal job/career goals; elevator pitch; professional role model
  5. A reflective piece on the process of developing a personal brand, strategy and professional online presence.

When can I do it ?

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  • Strategic U
  • Online U
  • Defining U
  • Promoting U