Emotional Intelligence


Why take this cred?

No one works in a vacuum. Being able to function well in a team - and in society - means being good at understanding and managing interpersonal communication.

By undertaking this credential, you'll learn all about the different kinds of emotional intelligence, and the different ways that people communicate. By studying your own approach to communication, you'll improve your self-awareness, empathy and social skills.

This credential was co-designed with Institute of Managers and Leaders.


  1. Measure your emotional intelligence
  2. Recognise and manage your emotional triggers
  3. Recognise why emotional intelligence is beneficial in the workplace
  4. Identify gaps in your emotional intelligence based on the five categories
  5. Develop a personal growth plan to develop your emotional intelligence


Module 1: Introduction to EQ

Module 2: Self-awareness

Module 3: Self-management

Module 4: Social awareness and management

How do I get this cred?

Assessment and activities include:

  1. Activity: How is my EQ?
  2. Activity: EQ Competencies
  3. Activity: My EQ Gaps
  4. Activity: My Emotional Triggers
  5. Activity: Social Awareness at Work
  6. Complete the final assessment Quiz
  7. Complete a self reflective personal growth plan

When can I do it?