Working in Diverse Teams (GLE)



In the modern global workplace, it's becoming increasingly common for teams to be made up of people from across the planet from different backgrounds, beliefs and generations. Diversity brings with it useful new perspectives ? but it also brings its own challenges, with team members needing to be able to develop relationships across a diverse mix of people and leverage diversity. By undertaking this credential you will show that you can co-operate comfortably and successfully in a diverse collaborative environment, show self-awareness and flexibility when working with team members from different cultures. This credential is part of the Global Leader Experience credential which forms a stack earned by undertaking the Global Leader Experience Program. This credential is co-designed in partnership with Common Purpose, an international leadership development not-for-profit.

Skills and learning outcomes

Adjust behaviours in various situations and to the culture of team members

Find common ground and make connections between people

Work through differences in opinion, understand issues from different perspectives and collectively create solutions


This program consists of three credentials that are earned while earners undertake a four-day intensive program of workshops and a final credential that is earned once the learner completes a reflective assessment three months following the workshop.

This credential is co-designed in partnership with Common Purpose, and international leadership development not-for-profit.

Topics covered:

  • Problem Solving
  • Resonating with Others
  • Working in Diverse Teams Collaborating effectively
  • Leadership

How does it work ?

Upload the completed feedback sheet that your mentor provided, including a description of the actions that you may take as a response to the mentor's feedback.


Registration in Global Leader Experience (Global Outlook)