Resonating with Others (GLE)



Good, effective communication underscores every aspect of the workplace. After all, problem solving and process improvements don't happen in a vacuum - and coming up with a solution or an insight is as good as useless if you can't explain it to anyone. By undertaking this credential you will show that you can express yourself clearly and concisely to diverse audiences and adapt your communication style to suit. You will demonstrate that you are able to communicate complex ideas and issues with clarity, and to organise thoughts in a clear, structured way so that listeners can easily understand the topic at hand. This credential is part of the Global Leader Experience credential which forms a stack earned by undertaking the Global Leader Experience Program. This credential is co-designed in partnership with Common Purpose, an international leadership development not-for-profit.

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Communicate ideas and passions with clarity
  • Deliver consistent structured ideas to diverse audiences
  • Present a range of complex topics and issues on the spot


This program consists of three credentials that are earned while earners undertake a four-day intensive program of workshops and a final credential that is earned once the learner completes a reflective assessment three months following the workshop.

This credential is co-designed in partnership with Common Purpose, and international leadership development not-for-profit. Topics covered: Problem Solving Resonating with Others Working in Diverse Teams Collaborating effectively Leadership

How does it work ?

Upload a one-minute video that summarises your experience of using your cultural intelligence when communicating ideas in a diverse team.


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