How to Freelance


Why take this cred?

Every year, more and more skilled workers are taking the step into freelancing. While the potential benefits of running your own small business are high, it requires plenty of initiative, self-awareness and resilience - along with some fundamental business skills.

By undertaking this credential, you'll learn the basics of running your own small business: from negotiating prices and deadlines, and networking to find new clients, to communicating effectively and professionally. You'll also master some essential business admin skills, including setting fees, creating quotes and sending invoices.

This credential was developed in partnership with Papercloud. This credential earns you a digital badge.


  1. Identify your freelancing mindset.
  2. Explore and select networking tools and methods.
  3. Calculate your hourly rate and create an invoice.


Module 1: The freelance mindset

Module 2: The art of communication

Module 3: Essential tasks in freelance

How do I get this cred?

Assessment and activities include:

  1. Discussions
  2. Online activities and submissions
  3. A final peer reviewed assessment based on a scenario

When can I do it?