Personal Advocacy (International Internships)



Demonstrating skills such as engaging and working collaboratively with communities within and outside an individual's profession, in both an international and domestic context, is a skill sought after by a range of employers. Being well prepared in personal advocacy is a fundamental skill seen by employers to improve one's productivity and make a positive contribution in the workplace.

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Employ and adapt professional expertise in different environments.
  • Research potential internship opportunities.
  • Analysed placement options and chosen a suitable placement.
  • Secured a work-based internship placement in a professional situation (different from the student's own country or onshore in Australia in an international or cross-cultural context).


Module 1: Preparing for your international internship

Module 2: Lectures

Module 3: Internship materials

Module 4: Internship assignments

Module 5: Attaining Advocacy badge

Module 6: Attaining Global Awareness badge

Module 7: Attaining Relationship Building badge

How does it work ?

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