Personal Advocacy (International Internships)


Why take this cred?

Demonstrating skills such as engaging and working collaboratively with communities within and outside an individual's profession, in both an international and domestic context, is a skill sought after by a range of employers. Being well prepared in personal advocacy is a fundamental skill seen by employers to improve one's productivity and make a positive contribution in the workplace.


  • Employ and adapt professional expertise in different environments.
  • Research potential internship opportunities.
  • Analysed placement options and chosen a suitable placement.
  • Secured a work-based internship placement in a professional situation (different from the student's own country or onshore in Australia in an international or cross-cultural context).


Module 1: Preparing for your international internship

Module 2: Lectures

Module 3: Internship materials

Module 4: Internship assignments

Module 5: Attaining Advocacy badge

Module 6: Attaining Global Awareness badge

Module 7: Attaining Relationship Building badge

How do I get this cred?

Attain an International Internship Placement

What do I need to do first?

  • Enrolment in International Internships Course