Networking is Working


Why take this cred?

Business is built on connections, held together by an invisible social web that drives everything.

So being able to excel at building these contacts can be invaluable skills enabling you to forge ties across companies, industries and disciplines.

By undertaking this credential you'll develop an understanding of the power of networking and learn approaches to help you build a cohesive, lasting professional network which will help you increase your career options and bring value to any organisation you join.

This credential was co-designed with the Institute of Managers and Leaders.

This credential earns you a digital badge.


  1. Identify the defining features of a network.
  2. Recognise the benefits of a professional network.
  3. Identify the key factors to successfully grow and maintain a professional network.
  4. Identify industry thought leaders.
  5. Employ effective tools and techniques for growing and maintaining a professional network.
  6. Distinguish between social and professional networking relationships.


Module 1: What is networking?

Module 2: Understanding your current network

Module 3: Formalising your existing network

Module 4: Growing your professional network

How do I get this cred?

Assessment includes:

  1. A short questionnaire
  2. A scenario based final assessment

When can I do it?