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Why take this cred?

What does your digital footprint reveal about you? Is it something you would be happy for a future manager or client to see? Getting your digital footprint in check is an important part of getting work-ready. In this credential, we'll identify the impact that your digital footprint has on your work reputation and take steps to improve it.

This credential is an introductory course which earns you a Progress Badge. A progress badge is awarded a Certificate of Achievement which can be downloaded as a PDF document. A Progress Badge can go towards achieving a Digital Badge.


  1. Recognise the impact of a digital footprint
  2. Improve your digital footprint
  3. Identify and reflect on your own digital footprint


Module 1: What is a digital footprint?

Module 2: What information can be gathered from a digital footprint?

Module 3: How to review and analyse your digital footprint

Module 4: How to fix your digital footprint

How do I get this cred?

Successful completion of this badge will require you to:

  1. Assess your digital footprint
  2. Identify problems and gaps with your current digital footprint
  3. Identify three things you can do to improve your digital footprint

When can I do it?