Professional Communication in Social Care


Why take this cred?

Communication in the care industry is about more than just getting along with clients and co-workers.

To advance your career you’ll need to meet professional communication expectations – including knowing how to write documents to an industry standard, as well as having the skills to present your ideas clearly and effectively to a team.

This course gives you the communication skills you’ll need to work in a specialised social care environment. You’ll learn to complete documentation up to the expected standards, along with how to incorporate feedback about your communication style. You’ll also gain a firm grounding in making effective presentations, so you can get your ideas across in a way that’s organised, efficient and precise.

How do I get this cred?

Through online assessment and activities, the earner of this credential showed the ability to write clearly and produce documentation up to the professional standard expected in the social care industry. They also demonstrated effective presentation skills, along with the ability to incorporate feedback on their communication style.

When can I do it?