Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer

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The future of transportation is near. This Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer course will prepare you to be at the helm of a technological revolution.

Throughout this course you will master techniques in planning, controls and estimation. Working with the quadrotor test platform and a custom flight simulator, learners will implement planning, control, and estimation solutions in Python and C++. In this course you'll learn from world-class experts to tackle real world challenges.


After completing an RMIT Future Skills course, you will earn an RMIT credential which can be validated, recognised and shared on social media platforms.


By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Assess and execute code for automated flight in a simulator environment
  • Implement a controller and assess performance through various simulated flight conditions
  • Estimate the in-flight status of a flying robot by applying an Extended Kalman Filter to provided data

How does it work ?

During this course, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your newly acquired Flying Car and Autonomous Flight Engineer skills through 4 projects. 

In the first project, you will write event-driven code to get a drone to take off, fly a predetermined path, and then land. The second project is 3D motion planning, where you will fly a drone around a complex urban environment. In the third project, you will build a controller, and in the fourth, you will implement an EFK to estimate the altitude and position from IMU and GPD data of a flying robot. 

When can I do it ?

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