Global Awareness (International Internships)



Being able to demonstrate the practice of global awareness is a crucial skill in an increasingly global job market. With many industries either multinational or looking to expand beyond their domestic markets, future employees who have a thorough understanding and proven global working relationships, will be highly valued. The earner of this credential has demonstrated their ability to employ and adapt their professional expertise in international environments.

Skills and learning outcomes

Employ and adapt their professional expertise in different cross-border legal, political, economic, cultural and social environments Knowledge of global and cultural perspectives Cultural literacy and communication skills appropriate to context and audience Ability to moderate communication and behaviour when working with diverse groups Respect of different cultural nuances and norms


Module 1: Preparing for your international internship Module 2: Lectures Module 3: Internship materials Module 4: Internship assignments Module 5: Attaining Advocacy badge Module 6: Attaining Global Awareness badge Module 7: Attaining Relationship Building badge

How does it work ?

Completion of a 40 day international Internship


Enrolment in International Internships Course