Intrapreneurship: Negotiating the System



*This credential is only available to current RMIT students


This is the second micro-credential in The Intrapreneur's Roadmap cluster. We recommend having completed Making the Business Case before enrolling in this.


Sometimes, having the idea is the easy bit: the challenge is getting people to listen never mind convincing an entire organisation. Ultimately, the people who end up creating real innovation are the ones who understand the ins and outs of how their company works, so they can navigate its power dynamics and get the right people on board.


This course gives you the fundamental skills you'll need to understand the structure, hierarchy and culture of an organisation so you can cut through the bureaucratic red tape, build support and find allies for your bright idea.

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Recognising how change happens within an organisation
  • Identifying who to appeal to and when
  • Identifying Institutional inertia
  • Recognising corporate hierarchy and "carry on" incentives
  • Identifying those who prefer playing by the rules and dislike disruptions to business as usual


Module 1: Know the environment

Module 2: Know the players

Module 3: Build the community

Module 4: Put into action

How does it work ?

Complete the following activities:

  • Identify organisational culture
  • Recognise the Intrapreneurs
  • Know thy self
  • Final assessment

When can I do it ?

    Apologies, there are no available sessions to enrol into right now.


Intrapreneurship: Making the Business Case