Sustainability 101



*This credential is only available to current RMIT students

Sustainability has become one of the core ideas that will shape our society across the new millennium. But where it was once purely used to talk about environmental issues, now the notion of sustainability has become exceedingly broad spanning a whole range of areas, from the economy and industry to the inner-workings of society.

This course helps you untangle contemporary approaches to sustainability, giving you a solid grounding in the fundamentals of what it means today. Discover how attitudes towards sustainability are influenced by our different worldviews and cultures, and learn how to make informed decisions to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Environmental Awareness
  • Sustainable work practices
  • Cultural & civic awareness
  • Idea generation


  • Sustainability: Global crisis or opportunity
  • Shifting agendas and worldviews
  • Core concepts of sustainability
  • Looking to the future
  • Arguments for optimism  

How does it work ?

By completing online activities the earner of this credential showed an understanding of the core concepts of sustainability and the ability to take them into account when making decisions.

When can I do it ?

    Apologies, there are no available sessions to enrol into right now.