Building Cultural Intelligence



*This credential is only available to current RMIT students

All of us are shaped by our cultural experiences and backgrounds: they profoundly influence our approaches to problem solving, communication and socialising. In today's globalised world, almost every workplace is a melting pot of cultures and it's become increasingly important to hire people who can work effectively across the subtle cultural barriers that can otherwise create misunderstandings, discord and inefficiency.

The earner of this credential has learnt to approach diverse workplaces with sensitivity and openness. They've developed strategies for understanding how workmates from different cultural backgrounds think and approach things, to help foster a cohesive team dynamic and a united workplace.

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Analyse, evaluate and articulate the implications of diversity based on their own experiences
  • Recognise the role of one's own values and behaviour in response to different cultural experiences
  • Reflect on past experiences through a cultural intelligence lens
  • Create a roadmap for developing further culture intelligence
  • Ask questions of peers to uncover and reflect on cultural differences


  • IQ, EQ and CQ: An evolution in Intelligence Measuring CQ
  • CQ in practice: Core and Flex®

How does it work ?

Through a series of exercises the earner of this credential explored the effects of cultural experience on people's values and behaviour. They identified their own core values, and teased out how varied cultural backgrounds might create different outlooks on the world. They also investigated strategies for further developing their own cultural intelligence by talking to peers about cultural differences.