Developing Global Leadership



*This credential is only available to current RMIT students

How do you plan to change the world? It's time to refine your ambitions and passion and to learn how to put them into action, so you can take your place among the next generation of global change makers.

Over the course of a full-day conference, hear from leaders from across the business and not-for-profit spectrum, including visionaries for global brands and advocates in our local communities. Engage in discussion and debate with your peers, and get to grips with the real issues we face, both locally and globally.

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Articulate ¬†passions for local and global causes
  • Reflect on your leadership style
  • Determine what leadership style best fits a cause / issue
  • Identify strategies for determining when to lead within or outside systems


  • Inspirational leaders sharing how they've led across boundaries to create impact.
  • Changemakers sharing when they've been compelled to stand up and make a difference.
  • Leaders sharing when, why and how they've led from within or outside systems.
  • Marriage equality
  • Indigenous rights
  • Rising inequality
  • Tech and start-ups
  • Sustainability
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship

How does it work ?

The earner of this credential attended a one-day leadership forum and completed a reflection piece, showing insights into their own personal leadership style, and how they can apply it to furthering their chosen cause or passion.