Transition to Work



*This credential is only available to current RMIT students

The first month of any new job is tough. There’s always a whole host of new things to learn, and a whole new work culture to grapple with – and that’s on top of struggling to remember everyone’s names.

This credential gives you a crash course in starting a new job right: gain strategies to tackle common work issues, and learn approaches to navigating a new workplace. You’ll also learn skills to evaluate the daily situations you encounter and give yourself feedback, so you can plan for success – and hit the ground running.

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Analyse, select and implement strategies for the challenging nature of a new role
  • Develop strategies for evaluating personal progress and to appropriately respond to feedback
  • Create a ‘90 day plan’ designed to assist with managing expectations
  • Navigating challenges and orienting successfully in a new workplace.


  • Managing expectations
  • Making decisions
  • Career resilience
  • Human Resources and your rights
  • Onboarding
  • Organising your new working life
  • Probation/Induction
  • Staying on track
  • First 90 days - orientation

How does it work ?

By completing online activities and assessments, the earner of this credential demonstrated their career planning skills, and showed they know how to transition quickly and effectively into a new working role.

When can I do it ?

    Apologies, there are no available sessions to enrol into right now.