Leading a Team



*This credential is only available to current RMIT students

If you’ve looking to move up in almost any industry, it’s essential to know how to run a team. Stepping into a leadership position takes a big shift in mindset; you need to know how to look beyond your own duties and make sure your team is functioning effectively – and how to motivate people when things aren’t going to plan.

This course gives you a solid practical grounding in a range of practical team leadership skills, from strategies for properly delegating and distributing responsibilities, to useful motivation techniques for improving morale and increasing productivity. Whatever industry you’re in, you’ll be ready from day one to get your team running like a well-oiled machine.

Leading a Team has been developed in collaboration with EY.

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Propose a strategy for identifying strengths and development areas of team members
  • Design and develop the roles and responsibilities within the team
  • Formulate and critically assess strategies for delegating tasks
  • Articulate a vision and purpose for the team
  • Critically reflect on the importance of authenticity when leading
  • Design and build a team management plan


  1. Identifying the strengths of team members
  • Assigning roles with a team
  • Coaching/mentoring teammates
  • Appropriate delegation of tasks to team members
  • Setting team expectations
  • Addressing disruptive behavior 
  • Assessing team member personal development

How does it work ?

By completing online activities and assessments, the earner of this credential demonstrated an understanding of a range of practical leadership skills, including techniques for delegating work and motivating team members.

When can I do it ?

    Apologies, there are no available sessions to enrol into right now.