Getting Together



Global Communication Skills - International Education Professionals (GCS-IEP) is the first of a series of online professional development courses from RMIT Training, helping international staff in the international education sector to develop the intercultural skills to communicate more effectively and confidently with others both professionally and socially.

Getting Together is the third theme in the GCS-IEP program and focuses on skills required for participating in and chairing meetings, networking, and discussions.

This course is designed for upper intermediate to advanced English speakers (IELTS 5 and above).

*Please note this course is currently being piloted. Please check back for announcements of official enrolment periods.


In Getting Together, you will develop the confidence to build productive professional relationships with new contacts, clients, colleagues and others working in your industry. You will practice how to make social connections, to speak up and give your opinion, make yourself understood and make sure you understand others. You will also practice how to participate fully in a meeting with English speaking colleagues. This theme is for international education professionals who want the confidence to develop and extend their professional networks.

In this theme, you will develop skills in

  • using small talk to make connections with other professionals
  • participating fully in discussions with clients and colleagues
  • clarifying information that you give and receive
  • participating in and chairing meetings.

When can I do it ?

    Apologies, there are no available sessions to enrol into right now.

Additional information

Global Communication Skills - International Education Professionals delivers you:

·      Real-time interaction with qualified, specialised English language teachers 

·      Authentic content and tasks with practical outcomes

·      Skills which can be used on-the-job to enhance your performance at work 

·      Flexibility and choice – choose which units to complete, in any order 

·      Fully online access, allowing participation from various time zones

·      Opportunities for networking and peer-learning with fellow English professionals