Beyond Level 4: ATC: INACTIVE



Skills and learning outcomes

There are over 200 online interactive learning activities based on real-life aviation safety scenarios, with engaging use of flight and air traffic control simulations and interactive role-plays to build and practice English language skills.  

With approximately 80 hours of online participation, Beyond Level 4 allows you to study wherever and whenever best suits you.


Beyond Level 4 consists of eight units with a focus on different aviation safety related topics to develop your English language pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interactions.

Unit 1: Separation 

Unit 2:  Co-ordination 

Unit 3:  Systems Technology 

Unit 4:  Situational Awareness 

Unit 5: Weather 

Unit 6:  Aircraft Unservicabilities 

Unit 7:  Onboard Incidents 

Unit 8:  Human Factors 

How does it work ?

Beyond Level 4 with an experienced Aviation English instructor to assess your progress.

Your performance will be monitored as you progress through the course and you will be provided with customised language support and written feedback on the six core language skill areas identified by ICAO—pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interactions. 

When can I do it ?