Cross Cultural Communication



*This credential is only available to current RMIT students

By undertaking this credential, you'll gain skills that will set you up for a lifetime of effective communication. You'll learn to listen actively, ask clarifying questions and communicate effectively, particularly when it comes to working with people from different cultural backgrounds.

This credential is developed in partnership with SBS.

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Describe the differences in greeting across cultures
  • Recall Hofstede's dimensions and how they can be used to measure differences in values across cultures.
  • Describe how cultural values affect communication styles
  • Recognise the concept of 'face' and examples of how 'face' is expressed in some cultural contexts
  • Distinguish how written and verbal expressions might vary across cultures
  • Compare how non-verbal expressions might vary across cultures
  • Recognise the role of slang in cross cultural communication
  • Explain the difficulties translating humour across cultures
  • Apply tips to successfully communicate with interpreters and translators
  • Identify obstacles to successful cross cultural communication and measures that can be used to negate differences


Module 1: Importance of cultural values in communication

Module 2: Written and verbal expressions

Module 3: Nonverbal communication

Module 4: Communication styles across cultures

How does it work ?

Assessment includes:

  • A quiz on dimensions and communication
  • An interactive: Aussie Slang
  • An interactive: Hand gestures
  • Self reflection assessments
  • Final Assessment

When can I do it ?