Digital Marketing Strategy + Campaigns



In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving digital age, it’s crucial for businesses to generate brand awareness, engage with their audience, and generate revenue in order to achieve their organisational objectives. In order to achieve these goals, marketers and businesses must learn how to develop a well-structured go-to-market plan, as well as undertake the necessary steps to successfully launch their campaigns.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy + Campaigns bundle is best suited for:

  • Junior marketing professionals working on the client-side for a medium/large enterprise eg. marketing assistant/co-ordinator/ exec/associate/specialist.
  • Return to work mid-senior level marketing professionals working on the client-side for a medium/large enterprise
  • An entrepreneur with a startup or side hustle, including small business owners

Skills and learning outcomes



  • Identify and articulate critical customer audiences​
  • Evaluate the fundamentals of effective SEO and SEM​
  • Identify critical components of paid and organic social media marketing​
  • Design and develop digital marketing strategies using key digital tactics and techniques​
  • Identify campaign goals, audience, and key channels for success​
  • Set up tracking and campaigns​
  • Evaluate campaign and optimise performance​
  • Find efficiencies and best practice with automation, integration, and overcome common marketing problems

How does it work ?

Walk away with two practical portfolio projects; creating a digital marketing strategy, and executing and measuring a digital marketing campaign.​

When can I do it ?

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