Effective Team Membership



*This credential is only available to current RMIT students

There's one skill that's essential to every employee, across all workplaces: being able to work with other people effectively and efficiently.

A fundamental building block of the workplace, effectively working within a team is essential to any operation: it plays a vital role in increasing efficiency, lifting morale and improving skills through knowledge sharing. Someone who works well with others can help keep a workplace cohesive and effective and as such, they're invaluable to any organisation looking to build a strong and lasting team.

The earner of this credential has shown an aptitude for working in a team environment, engaging positively and constructively with team members to share work and improve outcomes.

This credential is endorsed by Engineers Without Borders

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Display individual commitment to a group effort and ensure equitable input of personal time and work
  • Work effectively as a team member
  • Engage positively and constructively in a diverse team


Module 1: Team dynamics and group development

Module 2: Communication in teams

Module 3: Drilling down for deeper insights

How does it work ?

Through online activities and submissions, completion of a self-reflection piece, and based on assessment from peers and a facilitator using a rubric, the earner of this credential showed their ability to work effectively and cohesively within a team.


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