Quantitative Methods



*This credential is only available to current RMIT students

Develop your knowledge of the methods and understanding of results from statistical analysis to make effective business and accounting decisions. In this credential, we'll introduce the methods commonly used to understand quantitative methods.

As part of this badge you will enhance your levels of financial literacy and gain a valuable step in achieving a core competency in quantitative methods for business decision making.

This credential earns you a digital badge.

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Employ graphical methods for presenting the types of data used in business
  • Implement descriptive statistics in the business environment
  • Utilise concepts relating to frequency distributions and probability
  • Undertake basic estimation and hypothesis tests using knowledge of probability theory and probability distributions and interpret numerical and graphical outputs
  • Implement simple regression and correlation concepts


Module 1: Statistical analysis, data and methods of describing data

Module 2: Descriptive statistics

Module 3: Frequency distribution of population

Module 4: Hypothesis testing

Module 5: Simple linear regression and correlation

How does it work ?

Successful completion of this badge will require you to complete multiple choice quizzes with a 50% pass rate required.

When can I do it ?