Relationship Building (International Internship)



Effective relationship building is key to the success of many organisations as it creates new opportunities and pathways for growth. Employees who possess a well developed professional network demonstrate to future employers their highly developed relationship building skills which are valuable to the individual and employer. The earner of this credential has demonstrated their capacity to use communication skills, extend their professional networks, engage with other and manage stakeholders which are key elements in building relationships.

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Use communication skills to achieve work outcomes and work creatively with others
  • Extend and expand professional networks (through mentoring and networking)
  • Interact effectively with others and build rapport
  • Seek to engage with other people, to get to know them and let them learn about yourself, through conversations, information sharing, and social interactions
  • Foster professional networks in specific areas of interest or industry to improve work outcomes and opportunities
  • Actively contribute to relationships, responding to stakeholder needs and modifying behaviour and engagement to ensure relationship longevity
  • Review and reflect on existing relationships to identify methods to continuously improve them


Module 1: Preparing for your international internship

Module 2: Lectures

Module 3: Internship materials

Module 4: Internship assignments

Module 5: Attaining Advocacy badge

Module 6: Attaining Global Awareness badge

Module 7: Attaining Relationship Building badge

How does it work ?

A score of 32/40 on the International Internship Report

The report building on and incorporating your reflective journal is a formal and factual document of 4,000 words, addressed to an academic audience which gives a clear picture of the host organisation's goals and operations, the student's role within the organisation, as well as a detailed account of work activities undertaken whilst on placement together with an overall reflection and appraisal upon the agency and its work. The report will be backed up with appropriate theoretical discussion as well as practical documentation. Networking is an extremely important part of professional life, particularly in making links across the world, be they via face-to-face contact, through voicemail or the internet. It can be both organisations and, preferably, individuals within organisations. As a result, a list of professional contacts established during the internship is to be included in the Internship Report


Enrolment in International Internships Course