Understanding Australian Workplace Cultures



Starting a new work integrated learning (WIL) experience can be overwhelming, especially in an international context where different rules and expectations may apply. A WIL experience is a great way to learn about these rules and expectations, but it’s even better to have that knowledge before beginning your WIL activity.  


This credential explores the cultures that exist in Australian workplaces along with the legislative and regulatory frameworks that help to keep you safe and treated fairly throughout your activity.  You will be guided through the experience by international students who have completed WIL activities in Australia as well as experts who provide tips on how to thrive in your WIL experience. 


By completing online activities, exploring a range of instructional material and passing an assessment, the earner of this credential showed that they understand how to prepare for a work integrated learning experience in Australia.  

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Career management
  • Cross/intercultural awareness
  • Team work
  • Professional communications
  • Relationship building
  • Time management


  • Describe the legislative frameworks and regulations of Australian workplaces
  • Examine the layered nature of workplace culture and the symbols, behaviours, assumptions and values involved
  • Differentiate an Australian workplace experience from the workplace experience of other cultural backgrounds.
  • Identify key resources and support in navigating a transition into an Australian workplace

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