Defer your offer

Designated programs at RMIT permit eligible applicants who have received a formal offer to defer the commencement of their studies.

If you are an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen, or a permanent resident of Australia, and you have received an offer for a TAFE*, undergraduate or postgraduate by coursework program at RMIT, you can apply to defer the commencement of your program. To check if your offered program allows deferment you will need to log in to Enrolment Online via myRMIT.

How to defer

Most students need to defer online by logging in to myRMIT and selecting the Enrolment Online link. If you are eligible to defer, under My current program select the Defer studies button next to the program that you wish to defer. If you have successfully deferred your offer online you will receive immediate confirmation of this in Enrolment Online. You will later be sent a hard copy confirmation letter for your records.

If you wish to defer you must do so before the enrolment date specified in your offer letter. Do not enrol if you wish to defer.

How long you can defer for will be determined by when you apply.

Program type

Semester 1

Semester 2

TAFE, degree and postgraduate by coursework

You can defer for one year*

You can defer for six months

*All deferments for TAFE, undergraduate or postgraduate by coursework programs in Semester 1 are processed for a period of one academic year.

In some circumstances your program may, on request, permit you to return in Semester 2. If you have deferred in Semester 1 and would like to return in Semester 2 you should contact your school to discuss whether this is possible.

Research students

Higher degree by research students cannot defer their offer online.

If you are a higher degree by research student and you wish to defer please submit a letter requesting deferment to the School of Graduate Research. You must do this before the enrolment date specified in your offer letter.

International onshore students

International onshore students cannot defer their offer online.

If you are an international onshore student and you wish to defer, you need to follow the process outlined at Defer your program (information for international students).

While your enrolment is deferred:

You are not yet a student while you are on deferral, which means you are not entitled to:

  • attend classes
  • access academic, library and student support services offered by RMIT
  • be issued with IT accounts including myRMIT and student email
  • receive an RMIT student card.

Returning to study after deferment

Please note that you can only defer the commencement of your program once. On completion of your deferment period you cannot defer again.

At the conclusion of your period of deferment you must enrol to accept and confirm your place in the program by the deadline in your deferment notification or your offer will lapse.

* TAFE eligibility checking requirement

The Victorian Government requires that RMIT checks the eligibility of all applicants offered a government subsidised place and sights supporting evidence.

Before you can accept your deferred offer by enrolling for your commencing Semester, you must submit the following forms in person at RMIT University:

Both of these forms will be included with the return from deferment letter that will be sent to you at the end of your deferment period. The completed forms must be submitted to staff at the Hub or at an enrolment support lab on your campus before you enrol.

For more information please go to the TAFE eligibility for a government subsidised place web page.

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