Truth Telling: Racism and Reconciliation



*This credential is only available to current RMIT students

Join this free online module to understand the impact of systemic racism on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia and how you can help to create change. 

Truth Telling elevates the voice and story of First Nations People, addressing key aspects of Australia’s colonial past and the continual generational impacts prominent in society today.

Hearing from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders offers an opportunity to reflect and consider your own experiences and ideas on prejudice, unconscious bias, and systematic disadvantage. 

By completing this micro-credential you will deepen your understanding of truth telling, what it means and how, as an individual, you can alter perspectives. 

You can start this program at any time of the year and complete it at your own pace. 

Upon completion, you will earn a verified RMIT Cred badge which you can add on your CV, embed in your LinkedIn profile, and add to your career portfolio. 

Feedback from participants

  • "This program provided incredibly useful links, testimonies and resources for better understanding the past and continued violence and oppression perpetrated against First Nations Australians, and how we inadvertently contribute to this if we don't think and act critically and use our voice and our own personal platform to call it out when we see it.”
  • “I found the continual interviews, resources, and references incredibly interesting and valuable. This is one of my favourite and most eye-opening programs I have done through RMIT.” 

Skills and learning outcomes

The Truth Telling: Racism and Reconciliation micro-credential is designed to help you reflect and act on reconciliation. 

During this micro-credential, you will: 

  • Understand the need for reconciliation and develop insight into your own reconciliation journey.
  • Recognise unconscious bias and understand the need for courageous conversations.
  • Through lived experience, recognise how bias manifests in society.
  • Decide how you can commit to action for your life and community. 

How does it work ?

The Cred includes resources, learning activities and opportunities for peer discussion. The final assessment involves articulation of a personal action plan outlining how you will enable change within the major societal issues we face. 

On completion of the micro-credential, you’ll be certified by RMIT Creds and earn the Truth Telling: Racism and Reconciliation digital badge and certificate to highlight your new skills on your CV, your LinkedIn profile, or your portfolio.

When can I do it ?